Misdemeanor Patronizing a Prostitute, Penal Law Section 230.04 - Information


Patronizing a Prostitute in the Third Degree

Penal Law Code


Offense Level

Class A Misdemeanor

Description of Offense

This offense is committed if a person who is over 21 patronizes a prostitute who is less than 17 years old.  Note that it is a defense that the accused had no reason to know that the prostitute was less than 17 years old.

Complicating Factors

(1) Non Citizen

(2) Employment Considerations

(3) Prior Criminal History

(4) Family Court / Divorce/ Custody proceedings

Potential Outcomes for First Arrest

Prostitution related offenses are often diverted to a special unit within the District Attorney's Office.  Prostitution related offenses also tend to be subject to policies that can shift from time to time in response to various initiatives within the District Attorney Offices or the Police Department or The Administration of the City itself.  Therefore, the potential outcomes discussed below, while perhaps best case scenario negotiated settlement options (for those who do not wish to go to trial), may not necessarily be available by way of negotiation at any given moment.

(1) ACD - perhaps rare for this type of case but possible with some community service thrown in.

(2) Plea to Disorderly Conduct (non-criminal) - with community service and/or fine of up to $250.

Practice Commentary

These sorts of cases tend to come in waves in response to various initiatives conducted by the police from time to time.

The information about Patronizing a Prostitute will be coming soon.  

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